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Hypnosis: Letting Go (Relax Even When the Future is Unknown)

"I hope you enjoy this video. I created this hypnosis to assist a client struggling with relaxing even when the future is unknown. Helping them find peace, trust in their decision making, and enhance their  relationships by learning to let go." 

Blessings, Samantha

Hypnosis: Attracting Money & Abundance

So many of us were programmed to think negatively about money and people who have money. This thought process prevents us from inviting an abundance of money and resources in to our lives.

It's simple to readjust this thinking and begin attracting money immediately.

Hypnosis: Acceptance Releasing Judgment of Yourself & Others

My newest Hypnosis is up for viewing :)

Removing toxic beliefs and judgments from your subconscious. ❤️

About Samantha

Professional Hypnosis


 Hypnosis is a proven technique that has thrived through clinical studies by Stanford and the Mayo Clinic. Time Magazine wrote an enlightening article titled "Is Hypnosis Real? Here's What Science Says".

 Samantha has been successfully working with clients for over 13 years. You're in great hands. 

Experience & Customization


Samantha's focus is to help individuals heal, energize, and become aware of their inner strengths. She achieves this by utilizing her years of training and experience, providing a comfortable safe space, listening to your concerns, customizing your treatment plan, and creating a script that's written just for you.

Our Client Promise


 Samantha's goal is to help you grow from your struggles, heal from your pain, and move forward to accomplish your life goals. 

More About Samantha

Samantha in the Media

Cover of World of Wellness Magazine

Autumn 2010

in the movie Decoding Deepak


Cover of World of Wellness Magazine

Spring 2013


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Step by Step: What to Expect

Contact Samantha

Email or Call Samantha and briefly chat about your needs and what your goals are.

Choose to move forward and work with Samantha.

Set an appointment for your first official consultation to speak on the phone.

Your First Official Consultation

On this call we will spend as much time as needed talking in full detail about your goals, history, and desires.

Samantha will take detailed notes and after this call she will write a script completely custom for your needs.

Hypnosis Session 1

You'll arrive at Samantha's office or call on the phone, and after a brief chat of what to expect, you'll begin your first hypnosis.

A few days after Session 1 Samantha will speak to you about your thoughts, how things are going, etc.

Hypnosis Session 2

If more than one session is required, Samantha will write a new custom script for your 2nd session.

You can attend your second session on the phone or in person at her office.

A few days after Session 2 Samantha will speak to you about your thoughts, how things are going, etc. 

Hypnosis Session 3

If more than two sessions are needed, Samantha will write a new custom script for your 3rd session.

You can attend your third session on the phone or in person at her office.

A few days after Session 3 Samantha will speak to you about your thoughts, how things are going, etc. 

Hypnosis Session 4

If it is determined you'll benefit from a 4th session, Samantha will perform another "live" session for your needs at her office or over the phone.

Samantha will audio record your 3rd or 4th session and provide this recording to you to use as needed after you have completed your full program.

Samantha's Specialties


Mindfulness & Peace

Anxiety, fear, and questions of abilities are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that we can experience at some point in our lives. Through hypnosis, Samantha is able to help you create or recover the motivation, perspective, and joy that you crave.

Abundance, Motivation, & Productivity

Hypnosis is a proven way to improve professional productivity. Many top executives and successful top sales performers use hypnosis to soar above the competition.

Healing & Pain Management

1840 is the earliest documented use of hypnosis for surgical sedation. Hypnosis has been used for many years since to alleviate feelings of pain and speed through recovery.

Samantha believes that hypnosis is a complement to many medical and psychological treatments. She is happy to work with you and your professional medical team while you stay under their primary care. So, you can use all available sources to help you find a healthier you.

Athletic Enhancement & Academic Performance

Sports Hypnosis is often seen as a way to prep an athlete before a big game or performance. In a similar way, Academic Hypnosis prior to tests or important presentations has been used by some of the most successful students throughout history. 

Concentration, focus, and mental clarity become easy when the right mental state is reached. Samantha works with athletes & students to calm their mind and remove distractions that can get in the way of success.

Self Esteem & Phobias

There are many reasons people can suffer from low self-esteem and debilitating fears. Sometimes it's been a burden for a lifetime, and for some only a recent issue. Samantha has successfully helped many people find value in themselves, courage to face fears, and happiness in their lives.


$350 /session

$225 /session for weekly life coach clients

$1,250 /4 session package for new clients, includes a digital recording of 1 session

$1,500 /speaking hour for events in Las Vegas

Your choice of location:

  • Samantha's private Las Vegas residence
  • Phone /WhatsApp

Experienced Motivational & Wellness Speaker

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A Devoted Wife, Loving Mother and Hypnotist

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