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About Samantha

Professional & Spiritual Hypnosis


 Hypnosis is a proven technique that has thrived through clinical studies by Stanford and the Mayo Clinic. Time Magazine wrote an enlightening article titled "Is Hypnosis Real? Here's What Science Says".

 Samantha is lives with her family in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has been successfully working with clients for over 13 years. You're in great hands. 

Experience & Customization


Samantha's focus is to help individuals find peace within.

She achieves this by utilizing her years of training and experience, providing a comfortable safe space, listening to your concerns, customizing your treatment plan, and creating a hypnosis script that's written just for you.

Commitment to You


 Samantha's goal is to help you grow from your struggles, heal from your pain, and move forward to accomplish your life goals.

Every script was written by Samantha, your Hypnotist, and designed with your specific needs in mind.

Samantha schedules sessions apart from each other. You get the time and care you need without keeping a watchful eye on the clock.

Free Hypnosis Sessions on YouTube

Letting Go

(Relax Even When the Future is Unknown)

"I hope you enjoy this video. I created this hypnosis to assist a client struggling when the future is unknown. Helping them find peace & mindfulness, trust in their decision making, and enhance their relationships."

Blessings, Hypnotist Samantha

Summerlin, Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Attracting Money & Abundance

So many of us were programmed to think negatively about money and people who have money. This thought process can prevent us from inviting an abundance of money and resources in to our lives. Finding Mindfulness with money.

Acceptance: Releasing Judgment of Yourself & Others

The newest Free Hypnosis by Hypnotist Samantha has been posted.

Removing toxic beliefs and judgments. Mindfulness. Moving you in to a happier life with healthier relationships.

Samantha in the Media


Samantha's Specialties


Mindfulness & Peace

Anxiety, fear, and questions of abilities are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that we can experience at some point in our lives. Through hypnosis, Hypnotist Samantha is able to help you create or recover the motivation, perspective, mindfulness, and joy that you crave.

Abundance, Motivation, & Productivity

Hypnosis is a proven way to improve professional productivity. Many top executives and successful top sales performers use hypnosis to soar above the competition.

Healing & Pain Management

1840 is the earliest documented use of hypnosis for surgical sedation. Hypnotists have been used for many years since to alleviate feelings of pain and speed through recovery.

Samantha believes that hypnosis is a complement to many medical and psychological treatments. She is happy to work with you and your professional medical team while you stay under their primary care. So, you can use all available resources to help you find mindfulness and a healthier you.

Spiritual Connection

Spiritual hypnosis can be a very powerful resource to improve your connection to the source, God, enlightenment, the universe... how ever you view the connection. Samantha has studied and taught many world religions, and caters hypnotist sessions for your personal beliefs. Mindfulness in every step.

Self Esteem & Phobias

There are many reasons people can suffer from low self-esteem and debilitating fears. Sometimes it's been a burden for a lifetime, and for some only a recent issue. Samantha has successfully helped many people find value in themselves, courage to face fears, and happiness in their lives.


$350 /Hypnotist session

$225 /session for weekly Life Coach clients

$1,250 /4 session package for new clients, includes a digital recording of 1 session

$1,500 /speaking hour for events in Las Vegas

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  • Samantha's private Summerlin, Las Vegas, Nevada USA residence
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